Dental Clinic booking $5 cleanings

Jessica Phillips

Volunteer Reporter


RSC dental students are providing $5 cleanings for children ages 3-12 until April 29.

Forty-four appointments are available and filling up quickly. Available dates are April 8, 24 and 29; eleven patients can be served each day.

Appointments include a cleaning, fluoride treatment and a head and neck exam. Sealants and radiographs are free, if the supervising dentist determines they are needed.

Dana Kenneda, director of the dental program, encouraged parents to make appointments for their children soon because space is limited. The dental clinic will serve insured and uninsured patients; the only required paperwork is a health history form.


A patient gets their teeth cleaned and screened at a dentist's office.

Carrie Daniels has her teeth cleaned by dental assistant Lori Lamanno Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

RSC students, faculty too

The dental clinic also is offering a free screening and cleaning to RSC students and faculty. Screenings are by appointment only, and cleaning appointments include a cleaning, fluoride treatment, and a head and neck exam.

For non-students or faculty, the required screening is free but cleanings are $5.


Board exams

Dental students are required to complete an exam before becoming licensed.

“We’re doing screenings for the board exams,” Kenneda said.

Board patients will be ones for whom dental students complete a full cleaning. The screening and cleaning for board patients is free.

For questions, to see if you qualify or to make an appointment, call the Dental Hygiene Program office at 733-7337.



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