BCM shares food, faith at Noonday

Jessica Phillips

Volunteer Reporter

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry club meets from noon–1p.m. Wednesdays for Noonday, a free lunch and devotional in the Student Center Raider Room.

At Noonday, a pastor presents a short devotional while students enjoy a free meal provided by the club or sometimes sponsored by a local church. The weekly event is open to all.

Matthew Sheppard, BMC member and RSC business major, said students can expect to see “a cheerful face” when they attend Noonday and other BCM events.

Sheppard said taking part in BCM activities is a way to build long-term friendships during college.

If you’re coming to campus only to attend classes and receive credit, “you really miss out 

on what college can be,” Sheppard said. “You don’t really get a sense of community.”

In addition to their regular activities, BCM members will participate in several upcoming events, including “Shine a Light on Slavery Day” on Feb. 27, the BCM State Basketball Tournament March 7-8, a retreat to Colorado over spring break, and “Freedom Week” April 21-25 to raise awareness and encourage action to prevent human trafficking.

Gavin Hart, BCM director and RSC alumnus, said students come to Noonday “for the fellowship” and because it is a “good time to get away” from work and classes. Noonday also lets students “grow closer to God,” Hart said.

BCM members also attend Paradigm, a collaboration of Oklahoma City-area college clubs like BCM at RSC, Oklahoma City Community College and the Oklahoma City University for a time of worship and biblical teaching. Paradigm is held Thursdays at OCU Metro Building,  2407 N. Kentucky Ave., OKC, unless otherwise stated on http://paradigmnorman.com/.

To attend Noonday, visit the Raider Room at noon on Wednesdays, or for more information, contact Gavin Hart at rscbcm@gmail.com or call/text 413-6417.

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