Dodgeball tournament a smash at RSC

By: Alex Roberts

Volunteer Writer

Four teams of RSC students participated in a coed dodgeball tournament on Wednesday, Feb. 19, in the Wellness Center. Each team was allowed to have six players on the court per game, but they were allowed to sub in extra players for the next game.

The teams that participated were: “BCM,” “Globo Gym,” “Average Joes,” and “TBA;” two of the names were based off team from the movie “DodgeBall.”

The tournament was put together collectively by: Chris Leland, director of Health and Wellness Activities, Dr. Casey Walker, coordinator of Student Activities, and Dr. Tommy Klepper, director of Student Conduct, Klepper said. The three refereed the tournament.

The dodgeball tournament was played with very specific rules:

  • Each match was single-elimination.
  • Teams that won the best of three games won the match.
  • A player was out when a ball hit him anywhere under the shoulders or if his ball was caught by an opponent.
  • Each match lasted five minutes.

In the event the five minutes expired with players on both teams still on the court, the team with the most players won the match. If time expired and an equal amount of players for each team was left, they went into “sudden death.”

Orlando Carter, a freshman majoring in business, played for “TBA,” which faced off against “Average Joes” in the finals.

“When the other person tried to hit our teammate, he actually jumped in the air and actually caught the ball,” Carter said, describing their sudden death, one-on-one faceoff. “It was amazing.”

The best three out of five games, determined the winner, making it more challenging to win. The ultimate champion of this year’s dodgeball tournament was “Average Joes.

The event turned out to be “very successful,” Klepper said.

The next intramural event will be a three-on-three coed basketball tournament at 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 12, in the Wellness Center. Teams must sign up by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11.

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