Let your inner selfies shine

Macie Jones
Circulation Manager

Drop the phone! Don’t post a selfie that you’re going to regret in 10 minutes.
What is a selfie, you ask? The Urban Dictionary defines it as pictures of oneself while holding the camera out at arm’s length.

Selfies are found on almost every social media site. The term #sundayselfie is a big trend on Instagram, and you can often find selfies with family members and pets on Facebook.

Friends taking a silly selfie photo
Taking a selfie, to me, is showing how confident you are in your own skin, and focusing on your natural beauty. In a selfie, you are supposed to look like yourself, flaws and all. It’s a quick picture that captures your natural beauty.

During winter break, I took lots of selfies. I took them at parties; I took them on the always-dangerous Black Friday while waiting in line, and I took them in the freezing snow later in December. However, I didn’t get very many selfies with my family members because they said, “The lighting is bad,” or “This is my bad side.”

But no matter what the problem was, I managed to get a few pictures of us having fun and enjoying the break and family time together. No matter how many pictures you take to get the perfect one, you are beautiful in them all. So this Sunday, I dare you to post a Sunday selfie where you are just smiling and enjoying life. Hashtag it #rosestateselfie so we can see all the beautiful faces at RSC!

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