PTK feeds the need

Story submitted by Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two year institutions, challenges its members to live by four hallmarks:  Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.  And our local chapter, Alpha Eta Alpha, is up to the challenge.

Last academic year, while researching an annual project, the chapter realized that there were fellow RSC students who were suffering circumstances that made it difficult to feed themselves or their families.

With a focus on service, Alpha Eta Alpha began a program to help fill that need.   Through food drives at their chapter meetings and induction ceremonies, they began stockpiling non-perishable food items that could be distributed to those in need.

The chapter worked with nutrition experts to create Raider Care Packages, a healthy meal that could feed a family of four.  Operating from faculty and staff referrals, the packages were delivered to those who needed help.  To protect the privacy of the students, the donations were conducted through the referring faculty member, and approximately a dozen students were helped last semester.

The chapter doesn’t plan to stop there.  Last May, all remaining supplies were donated to tornado relief efforts, so the process of restocking the cupboard has begun.  The chapter again relied on their own members at meetings and induction ceremonies, but this semester they also sponsored a campus-wide food drive contest.

PTK Food DriveAll student organizations were invited to participate, with the clubs earning club points for donations and a chance to win a pizza party for the group raising the most food items.  Hundreds of items were donated during the week-long contest, and the food will again be turned into Raider Care Packages and distributed to students in need.  While many clubs contributed to the cause, the winning group was the CLT club, who turned in 111 items, and will be rewarded with pizza at a club meeting.

Alpha Eta Alpha plans to continue the food project as long as there is a need among RSC students, and is already taking steps to gain the necessary approval to transition from distributing care packages to creating a full-fledged food pantry on campus.  In the meantime, meal distribution will continue through the referral system, and the chapter encourages anyone in need to reach out to a faculty member who can connect them with the group to arrange a meal delivery.

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