Entrepreneurial conference gears toward veterans

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor


The keynote speaker for the Nov. 14 Veterans Conference was Adjutant General of Oklahoma, Maj. Gen. Myles L. Deering.

The message in Deering’s speech was that military veterans hold the qualities, traits and core values to be able to succeed in the business world whether it is as an employee or small-business owner.

According to Deering, veterans use their values of commitment, integrity and responsibility from their military service to do what needs doing because they have the discipline that most businesses are looking for.

Veteran's Conference group photo

From basic training till the end of their career, soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors learn the necessary traits to work as individuals and as team members.

Toward the end of Deering’s speech, he had the veterans from the Vietnam era stand to be recognized for the work they did to make sure that today’s veterans were treated with honor and respect.

Board of Regent Chairmen Richard R. Hefton told the audience that he wished someone had given him a speech like the one that Deering gave to veterans about how important it was to take the core values from the military and apply it to their new roles as entrepreneurs.

Deering said the emphasis of living with a set of values, sets not only veterans but also civilians up to succeed because they will act in a way that will ensure their success.


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