Izumicon visits OKC

Matthew Koon

Volunteer Writer  


The anime convention known as Izumicon came to Oklahoma City again for the 7th year in a row, Nov. 1-3 at the Cox Convention Center.

Things were different this year, mostly due to the thousands of fans attending from not just Oklahoma, but Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and throughout the country.

Anime lovers of all ages made it to downtown Oklahoma City, some who had been going since the very first convention. There was also a Halloween party on October 31st.

Professional bands, artists, dealers, fans and designers sold, bought and traded unique items and drawings; ranging from swords to music to Japanese manga.

Laura Sikes, RSC Sophomore, was one of the many people helping with the events. “We’re hosting three panels throughout the weekend we’re looking forward to running,” she said while dressed as Haruka from the anime “Free.”

Competitions included sidewalk drawings, cosplay contests, sparring matches, game competitions and more. There were live bands and vocaloid concerts, as well as parties after hours. Due to the connection between the Cox Center and the Renaissance Hotel, those staying at the hotel could get VIP passes and discounts, not to mention easy access to the Convention Center.

All in all, there were plenty of reasons to go to the anime convention. Monica Fleming, RSC Sophomore, said she went “to have fun and meet other people from other fandoms we like.”

With all the fandoms that were covered, the panels and discussions held, and the video games being played, it wasn’t hard to find a group with the same interests.

Many cosplays and costumes were homemade, elaborate, and contained a great deal of weaponry.

For those who missed out, or whose costumes weren’t quite ready, the convention will be coming to Oklahoma City again, and already buzz is being made over what will come next year.

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