Rose State CDLC receives three-star rating

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor

Sheree Davis sets up nutritious snacks for her friends at the CDLC to celebrate one of the friend's Birthday. Photo By Dennis Gosnell

Sheree Davis sets up nutritious snacks for her friends at the CDLC to celebrate one of the friend’s Birthday. Photo By Dennis Gosnell

The Child Development Laboratory Center at RSC recently received accreditation from the National Association for Young Children, qualifying them for a three-star rating from the DHS Licensing agency.

Shadonna Watkins, CDLC director, was appointed to her position in Aug. 2011 and has worked to develop a curriculum that incorporates the interest of the children. Watkins received a bachelor’s degree in child development from Langston University, and a master’s degree in family studies from the University of Central Oklahoma.

“The center has improved under Shadonna Watkins’ direction in overall appearance, customer service and some daily practices,” Kathy Carey, professor family services and child development, said.

The center uses a curriculum that allows the children to learn at their own pace and their own interests.

“We try to figure out what interests the children, and then the teachers study those areas in order to teach the children,” Watkins said. “The children may study a topic for a week or a few months; it all depends on the childrens’ interests.”

The center is licensed to teach 58 children, and has an average enrollment of 56 children. Helping Watkins is a staff of two part-time, one work-study, and 15 full-time employees.

“We are primarily self-sufficient,” Watkins said.

According to Watkins, funding for the center comes from tuition cost; there is only a small portion that RSC contributes to operations. RSC does contribute to the CLDC by giving support from faculty and staff.

Tuition* for enrollment is as follows:
Infants – $140
Toddlers – $135
3 year olds – $125
4 year olds – $120
*Per week

“Continuing education is provided by the Director and Assistant Director and sometimes, by request, members of the faculty,” Carey said. “Resources, such as books, journal articles and films are the same as (those) used in regular classes.”

The CDLC staff encourages parent participation through special events such as parent days, Family Celebration Week, Multi-Cultural Week, and Week of Young Children to name a few.

The Pajama Parade on Oct. 31 lets the children get dressed up and explore the RSC campus; perhaps getting a treat here and there from the different buildings.

Enrollment at the CDLC is open to the public including students, faculty, staff and Oklahoma City metro areas. For more information please call 405-733-7411.

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