Rowdy Raids Fall Fest

Jennifer Byrd

Editor in chief



Festivals comprised of free entertainment and endless hotdogs are the stuff of Rowdy’s dreams. So, logically, RSC’s famed mascot raided the campus mall Oct. 21 – 24 to partake in the merriment of Fall Fest.


He also brought a backpack’s worth of donations for the food drive. Rowdy and hunger are like Samsung and Apple; they just don’t work well together. That’s why he has vowed to help end food shortage, one delicious tub of chunky peanut butter at a time.


Rowdy started out the week-of-fun at the “Chalk the Walk” and “Pumpkin Painting” contests. Despite exemplifying artistic talents closer to that of a kindergartner than da Vinci, Kirby Harzman, coordinator of student activities, applauded his efforts with a high-five.


The whole week was filled with super-fresh activities like cotton candy making, chili tasting, a World Series tailgating party, and intramural sports.


Rowdy impressed everyone with his volleyball and obstacle course talents. He may not be an artist by trade, but RSC’s good-luck charm is the epitome of physical fitness, just don’t ask the volunteers. Word is Rowdy could’ve taken first place in the greasy-food eating contest, had there been one.


Before the events drew to a close, Rowdy bought a shirt for $5 and patted himself on the back for a raid well done. He would also like to thank all the students, faculty and staff for raising an amazing amount of money and canned food items for the Regional Food Bank. He’d do a victory dance, but the hotdogs are threatening an encore appearance.




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