Career Services educates students

 Carina Snow

News Editor


 Photo: Connie Myrick (right) conducts mock interview with Sam Seonkyo (left) and Fernando Rubio (middle).   Photo by Marisa Caban

Photo: Connie Myrick (right) conducts mock interview with Sam Seonkyo (left) and Fernando Rubio (middle). Photo by Marisa Caban


The Student Success Center, in association with Career Services, shared key tips on how to land a job at the “Get a Job 101” workshop Sept. 25; career services will provide two more of the workshops on Oct. 24 and 30.

Connie Myrick, coordinator of career services, discussed three important factors for attaining employment: having a well-constructed resume, being properly prepared for interviews, and networking.

The Resume

“The purpose of a resume is to get a job interview,” Myrick said. “An employer is looking at a resume seven seconds or less to determine if they are going to call you for an interview.”

Resumes should be a one-page, well-organized and aesthetically pleasing document that introduces the person to their potential employer. Information should be easy to read and comprehend, as well as accurate and relevant.

“Look at the skills they are looking for, and address it on your resume,” she said. “Bring any ‘aha’ factors that will get the employer to grab you.” Being bilingual, portraying leadership skills, completing volunteer work, or providing community service often attract an employer’s attention.

The Interview

Myrick explained that knowing job interview etiquette is critical. “Be prepared for everything,” she said. Employers note and evaluate subtleties such as eye contact and handshakes during interviews. Being professionally dressed is crucial to obtaining employment and maintaining a successful career.

“Employers are looking at a lot of things now,” she said, from background and credit checks, and motor vehicle information, to social media presence. “Make sure you have a great Internet presence,” Myrick said.


“Make sure you network, network, network,” Myrick said. Having good relationships with professors, professionals and peers is critical to finding job opportunities and making a good impression that creates valuable references.

According to, “The vast majority of job openings are never advertised; they’re filled by word of mouth. That’s why networking is the best way to find a job.”

Career Services in the Professional Training Center is available to the community for many employment needs; from helping job seekers create a resume to conducting a practice job interview. For more information call 405-733-7488.

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