Phi Theta Kappa Awards Scholarships

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor

Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society, gives its members opportunities and scholarships which encourage them to excel beyond the average.

This year Cherlynn Bowlan, nursing student, was awarded the Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship, given to PTK members who are nationally recognized for the achievements in academics and leadership, according to

“(The) Alpha Eta Alpha chapter is incredibly proud of Ms. Bowlan’s accomplishment.  Having one of our members win such a prestigious award (is) wonderful,” Carol Gibbs, PTK adviser said. “But it was Ms. Bowlan’s hard work that led to this honor, and the credit is hers alone.”


According to the website, the Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship was created by Lou Oberndorf, founder and retired chairman of Medical Education Technology, Inc. (now CAE Healthcare).

The scholarship endowment was created to honor the “business leadership and generous commitment to charitable cause” of Frank Lanza. Funding for the scholarship comes from L-3 Communications (founded by Frank Lanza), CAE Healthcare, American Association of Community Colleges, and PTK.

“There are several scholarships that are offered through the organization, however they are time sensitive,” Suzanne Thomas, PTK adviser said. “The spring common scholarship opens Feb. 3 through April 30: those are the Frank Lanza and the Geico Business student scholarships just to name a few.”

The PTK website describes the common application process as a way for students to apply for multiple applications at once. The website lists the following scholarship opportunities available during the spring:

  • Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship
  • Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship
  • GEICO Pathway to Completion Associate Scholarship
  • Richard L. Resurrecion Public Safety Scholarship

According to Gibbs and Thomas, for a student to be eligible for PTK, they must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA and at least 12 hours of college level credit, not including zero-level courses. It is not required that all 12 hours be completed at RSC.

The advisers invite full- and part-time students to join. Formal invitations are sent the first two weeks of every semester. Students, who think they may be eligible, will be notified via their student email if they are being invited.

Students who meet the requirements but have not received an invitation should contact Carol Gibbs at 405-733-7508,, or Suzanne Thomas at 405-733-7515,, for more information.  Students will need to know their student I.D. number or have a copy of their transcript available to determine eligibility.

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