Rowdy Raids The Wellness Center

Jennifer Byrd

Editor In Chief


Rowdy Raider is notoriously, well, rowdy, but he’s mostly harmless. Is he energetic and somewhat crazy? Yes, but you love him. He’s like your favorite little cousin that embarrasses you in front of your friends, and he’s so adorable you resist the urge to strangle him Homer Simpson-style; that’s just Rowdy.

Aside from assuring social awkwardness in any situation, Rowdy also likes to explore campus. He bursts into buildings uninvited, lurking and investigating. He thinks he owns the place, so his forays have no regard for privacy or decency. And for this, we love him even more.

Recently Rowdy decided to raid the Wellness Center and Chris Leland’s office along with it. Rowdy thought he could use a little wellness in his life, so he started on the treadmill and quickly went to the abdominal machine. Summer may be winding down, but Rowdy said he wants to keep his two-pack looking buff through the winter months.

He finished off the workout with some free weights and a basketball game. He said he’s looking forward to the Aquatic Center renovations so he can get in the pool without fear of personal injury. In the meantime he signed up for September’s Wellness Center event, Cycle-Out-Cancer.

Then the real fun started. Rowdy found Chris Leland, Wellness Center director, and his office very suspicious. He raided closets and drawers, gathering more intelligence than the NSA.

Photos by Carina Snow

Photos by Carina Snow

Before the invasion, Leland’s office was one of the cleanest and most organized on campus. Promotional t-shirts could be seen neatly folded and stacked according to size while color-coded files hung in their assigned rack. Rowdy brought an end to that debauchery, mixing cotton and paper like a kid with watercolors.


His thorough search of aforementioned files revealed proof of Leland’s conspiracy to save thousands of dollars by installing energy efficient light bulbs with motion sensors and plans to order a water bottle refilling station. Rowdy is shocked by this eco-friendly hullabaloo, but he likes it! He said saving the planet and money at the same time is one of his favorite activities, aside from rowdy-raiding of course.

To celebrate his afternoon antics, Rowdy sauntered over to Java Rose for a snack while he planned subsequent incursions.


Wellness Center Hours

Mon. – Fri. (6 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

Sat. (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Sun. (Closed)


Students can workout for free!


“Cycle Out Cancer” is Sept. 3-30. Participants who complete 20 miles will receive a Wellness Center water bottle and those who complete 50 miles get a t-shirt. This event is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, which has been shown to reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer.


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