Social media reflects student conduct

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor





With each new step toward the technology of tomorrow, comes more ways to both expand and restrict human potential. One man’s freedom is another man’s chains.


Can social media become a student conduct issue?


Why yes it can. See RSC Student Handbook 2013/2014, Article 1 Subsection Jurisdiction of the Student Code of Conduct (JSCC) on page four, for information pertaining to jurisdiction of Student Code.


“It is the students’ responsibility as young professionals in training to read and understand the code. If they have questions, I encourage them to seek me out and ask for clarification; my door is always open to students that are needing help,” Dr. Tommy Klepper Jr., director of student conduct said.


What is not cited in the JSCC is how social media plays into student conduct.


“Students, faculty, staff, and people in general need to realize that social media can be seen by anyone and is sometimes used by businesses to get a better idea of who a person is,” Klepper said.  “Social media reflects the individual to the world. As young professionals in training, students need to understand that potential employers view social media as a marketing and public relations record of their character.”


Klepper went on to address the issue of social media by saying that social media users may end up regretting what they say and in turn delete the post, but that doesn’t mean that someone did not get a screen shot of the post prior to deletion. If someone felt that they had been mistreated, misrepresented, or otherwise harmed by the post they could file a conduct complaint using the post as evidence.


Social media can be monitored!

Some colleges and institutions, like Ohio State University, who have in the past had issues with student athletes misrepresenting the institution or college, employ computer software such as BackTweets and Bottlenose to track keywords and information about the college or institution. However according to Ken Dewey, professor/cyber-security director, and Information Technology services; RSC does not currently employ any type of social media monitoring software.


If students have any questions pertaining to student conduct feel free to contact Klepper at 405-736-0355, by email at, or visit the Student Activities office in the Student Center.

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