A smile a day brings a job your way

Amber Stafford

Assignment Editor

Dr. Mary Ann Bauman signed her book “Fight Fatigue” for attendees of the conference after her presentation. Photo by Amber Stafford.

Dr. Mary Ann Bauman signed her book “Fight Fatigue” for attendees of the conference after her presentation. Photo by Amber Stafford.

Rose State held the Seventh Annual Women’s Leadership Conference on March 29 in the Professional Training and Education Center.

The conference theme this year was “Women Shaping A Healthy Future.” In the fight against heart disease, everyone showed his or her support by wearing red.

Monique Bruner, professor of political sciences, welcomed women to the conference by telling how the conference was started to provide hands-on experiences to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Dr. John Carl, associate dean of Social Sciences, opened with a slide show of differences between men and women that showed that college women are the future. Regent Betty Wright shared a poem that to become a more confident woman is to have great smile on your face.

Dr. Sara K. Spurlock D.D.S, and Dr. Mary Ann Bauman were among the morning speakers of the conference.

Dr. Spurlock discussed the value of a smile. Taking that measure on your outer appearance makes you a more confident person. She also talked about how having a smile makes you healthy, both mentally and physically.

“You only have three to eight seconds to make a first impression to shine so having a good smile is effective to you.” Dr. Spurlock said.

Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, the keynote speaker talked about the number one reason women go to the doctor: fatigue. She is the author of the best selling book “Fight Fatigue.” The book helps women tackle the common problems of feeling run down and tired all the time.

“I believe we are on a journey and part of the journey is to decide those behaviors in our life that make us happy, that are healthy and we need to nurture,” Dr. Bauman said. “Those behaviors in our life that make us uncomfortable and sad, we can change those behaviors and that’s the key to fight fatigue.”

Throughout the day there were four breakout workshops to attend. The workshops include “How to Advocate for Women’s Legislative Issues” presented by Tamya Cox; “Working In, Working Out” presented by J. Rachel Fixico and Pauline Walker; “Sex…Now That I Have Your Attention” presented by Sally Boyster, Kim Robberson, and Elizabeth Koldorff, professors in the health sciences division; “Getting The Most Nutritional Bang for your Buck” presented by Deborah Lyne.

The closing keynote speaker was Lisa Gibson; she is a registered dietitian and adjunct faculty member at RSC, her presentation was “Regaining Balance through Mindful Eating”.

Tips on Basic Mindful Eating

-Quit the diets and make peace with your food

-Honor your Hunger

-Respect your fullness and be satisfied

-Respect your body and honor your health

-Start Small

-Honor your feelings

In closing, Professors Monique Bruner and Michelle Brockmeier thanked everyone and handed out door prizes. The Eighth Annual Women’s Leadership Conference is set for March 28, 2014.

 Hard Copy version states Dr. Bret Wood opened with the slide show. The slide show is actually created and presented by Dr. John Carl, associate dean of Social Sciences. 

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