Pipeline leak sparks green activists



Around this time last year, President Obama made a visit to Oklahoma, to talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline. He instructed his administration to cut the red tape and allow the pipeline to begin construction. It seems that those who had been holding back were right in their hesitation to send the plans through.


At the start of April, a pipeline like Keystone ruptured in Arkansas, approximately 20 miles outside of Little Rock. Diluted bitumen, which is thick tar-like oil dug up in northern Alberta and treated with chemicals to make it transportable by pipeline, flowed through the city and resulted in evacuations.


Exxon Mobile was instructed not to restart the pipeline by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, until all safety concerns had been addressed.


This only added sparks to the fire of Keystone opponents, as the exact thing they had been saying would happen with a cross-continent pipeline, ended up happening.

Blue Marble 2012-Arctic View

The approval of the Keystone pipeline was a pure campaign move by Obama. If he had listened to the State Department, whose original report said that not all the potential environmental effects had been explored and as such postponed a final decision, the opponents of the pipeline would not be screaming quite so loudly.


Obama pushed the approval under duress from Congress and as a campaign concession to voters. He should have listened to the State Department and the EPA when they cautioned the potential impact of the pipeline on the earth it would flow through.


Many feel global warming and climate change to be a hoax. Whether this is true, we should take more care in deciding what goes into the earth. The earth is what provides oxygen and nutrition, and we should take more care that it can provide those things in a quantity necessary to support the growing population, and that it can provide it to the quality to support that population.

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