RSC prepares staff for possible Active Shooter


Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor

2011_04_22 - Emergency Exercise-4509a

In 2012, cities throughout the U.S. saw what police refer to as “Active Shooter” events.


To help faculty and staff make preparations in case of an Active Shooter, Richard Andrews, interim campus safety and security specialist, introduced Midwest City Police Department Lt. Jerry Kennedy, to speak on ways in which police respond to an Active Shooter event, and what faculty and staff should do in case of such an event.


In case of an Active Shooter event the following steps are advisable:

  • Run, get out of the area and call 9-1-1
  • Find a safe place to hide, turn off the lights, and reduce visibility and outline of silhouette by getting behind or under something.
  • Barricade any door that is helping you remain unnoticed and unseen.


This is not the first “active shooter” session held on the RSC campus. In 2011, an exercise was held involving emergency response teams like fire, police, Homeland Security and civil emergency officials, to demonstrate the response to such an event. Students were involved in this drill as well, as simulated victims, and gave the campus an opportunity to test its response skills and warning notifications on Facebook, the college campus warning system and the new texting systems.

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