Humanities Department wins Jail and Bail


Jennifer Byrd

News Editor


Joshua Robison poses for a mug shot for the hail and bail fundraiser. Photo by: Marisa Caban

Joshua Robison poses for a mug shot like the participants of the jail and bail fundraiser. Photo by Marisa Caban



The second annual March of Dimes fundraiser, Jail and Bail, ended in the detainment of Dr. Bret Wood, Dr. Wayne Jones and Mr. Chris Meyer.  Ms. Lori Morrow, the Humanities Department’s representative, avoided jail time by raising bail before the event.


Throughout the month of March, each department was asked to raise money for the March of Dimes. The goal was to raise $100 per department. If the funds weren’t raised in time, a jail sentence of fifteen minutes had to be served in the Wellness Center’s makeshift cellblock.


For added fun, this year’s prisoners were also required to wear orange jumpsuits while they served their time behind bars.


The Humanities Department won this year’s competition, raising over $300 of the $550 total.


The March of Dimes is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide prenatal support to women at risk of pre-term deliveries and fund research programs that combat birth defects and infant mortality.


All proceeds from the Jail and Bail event will go straight to the March of Dimes, where 77 cents of every donated dollar is used for research and support programs.


The next metro area March of Dimes event, “March for Babies”, will be in Norman on May 4. Registration starts at 9am and the march begins at 10am.


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