No time to escape the wrath of whipped cream

 Bryan Mangieri


Submitted Photo

Submitted Photo

Members of three organizations (Professional Administrative Staff Association, Classified Staff Association and Faculty Senate) joined together Feb. 14 for a Valentine’s celebration in the Raider Room for the event, Just Desserts.

Many claimed the reason they went was for the camaraderie from colleagues.

Crystal Myers, I.T. services support assistant and CSA president, said Just Desserts gave incentive to the attendees who mingled.

“What better way to draw in people than with food?” Myers asked, rhetorically.

“Is there any other reason?” Pam Emmons, director of EmPower and EmPower Works, asked rhetorically, as well.

Still, others in attendance found a far, more sinister reason: retribution.

When the pie hits their eyes…

Seven campus “celebrities” volunteered for a pie to be thrown in each of their faces. Those who won the raffle—tickets sold at a dollar a piece—then picked from these seven of these “celebrities,” including Isabelle Billen, Bret Wood, Ken Roper, Chris Leland, Chris Meyer, Tim Campbell and Brian Perryman.

Proceeds benefitted all three organizations.

Submitted Photo

Submitted Photo

Although the “celebrities” tried keeping unblemished by wearing safety glasses and see-through, plastic ponchos, none escaped the ramifications of the raffle.

In fact, student Shelby Simons attended Just Desserts to witness whipped cream smeared across the face of Perryman, the director of the Professional Training Education Center. Simons works as an office aide with Perryman.

Perryman, who will serve as the next PASA president, considered the pie thrown into his face as a rite of initiation, even exclaiming glee.

“I think it’s important to celebrate camaraderie, love, peace and goodwill,” outgoing PASA president said, Bob Davis.

Despite the mess in the Raider Room, the whipped cream didn’t hit the fan.

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