The right attire can lead to a heart’s desire


Skylar Wright

Features Editor 

After the new year, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives and greeting-card writers start planning for love’s big day. Having a night out? Make it romantic. Staying in? Make it new and different. Putting together a new outfit? Make it suit the occasion.

Ladies, whatever you are doing for your big night out on Valentine’s Day, it calls for some extra care with your attire. This is not just any day. There are greeting cards about this day, there are chocolates shaped into hearts, there are oversized teddy bears, anything to do with love, its available in February.

Want to create a romantic look? Lace, girlie prints and flowing, bohemian styles work great to create a romantic Valentine’s look. To make it holiday-specific, throw in some red and pink accents, and maybe even a heart-shaped accessory for good measure.

To get Emma Stone's fiery look, try the BCBG Max Azria lipstick-red cotton-and-lace strapless sweetheart "Roselle" bustier dress from for $125.29. Photo courtesy of

To get Emma Stone’s fiery look, try the BCBG Max Azria lipstick-red cotton-and-lace strapless sweetheart “Roselle” bustier dress from for $125.29.
Photo courtesy of

Valentine’s Day does seem to cry out for romantic looks, but classic is always appropriate. Accessories are the key with the understated look. A red nail polish or a red or pink scarf would work well.

What’s sadder than a romantic date evening spent wishing you’d worn something else? Well, lots of things, actually, but it’s still an unfortunate spot to be in on a Valentine’s date. So, a few tips to help you love what you end up in, no matter which way you go:

  • Be yourself — If it’s not “you” on Feb. 13, it’s not going to be you on Feb. 14. By all means, take risks — fashion is all about it — but make sure what you wear suits your style.
  • Be subtle — If you choose to some Valentine-specific accents, be selective and err on the side of caution. If you’re carrying a heart-shaped clutch, leave the heart-shaped earrings at home. Please.
  • Be comfortable — It can be tempting to throw comfort to the wind when dressing for a special night, but beware: Discomfort can ruin the mood. At the very least, make sure you’ve got room in your dress to enjoy a truffle or two and that you can walk in your shoes. You never know where the evening might take you. Be ready for a romantic stroll around town.
  • Be versatile — If your date location is a surprise, wear something you can dress up or down and carry different shoe, accessory and makeup options along on the date but don’t take your whole room. Just a few things to make your look pop if you need a little extra sparkle.

Romantic night out or special night in, what you wear can make or break your date as much as where you go and whom you go with — but it can definitely make you happier with the pictures after the fact. Valentine’s memories are forever. Just ask the greeting card!



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