Academic futures require serious consideration


Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor



Academic advisor Lisa Will assists student Jacob Keefover in choosing his next step in his academic career. Photo By Josi Weaver

Academic advisor Lisa Will assists student Jacob Keefover in choosing his next step in his academic career. Photo By Josi Weaver

At the end of the spring semester, students will go into the world. Some students will transfer to a four year universities, and others may join the work force using their education to fulfill their dreams.


For those students moving to a four-year university, planning ahead and getting information early can smooth the transition.


“It is essential for a student to plan early and contact the college or university that they are planning on attending, if they are anticipating a smooth transition.  It is helpful to know program requirements, processes and deadlines that are pertinent to the transfer process,” Carla Robison, coordinator of Student Success said. “A student will benefit by having a contact person at the college or university to ensure they are on the right track.”


Pick the right college for you


Learn about prospective colleges. Ask about the school’s rating, requirements for entering a particular program, whether course work from a different college will be accepted, and remember no question is too small or stupid.


It might benefit students to talk with professors who teach the courses, as well as with the deans of the programs to get an idea of what is required. Gathering this information provides students with the needed knowledge to decide if a college is right for them.


Online Resources


Check online websites such as to see what other students have to say about colleges.


There are also other sites like that would serve to give an idea of where a college ranks nationally. However, students should not use only one source to determine which school is higher ranked, as many ranking systems use different criteria to determine a college’s ranking.


Students should talk to other students that go to different colleges, to get perspectives about the college’s programs.



Students should be proactive in making these types of decisions and research thoroughly. For this is the first step on the path of adulthood, and for others it is a means by which to effectively change their lives for the better. It is not something that should be taken lightly or without consideration.

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