Campus campaign raises money for United Way efforts

Jennifer Byrd,

News Editor


The annual United Way Campus Campaign is running through the end of November, with this year’s goal set at $7,000.  Last year, $6,139 was raised, exceeding the $6,000 target.

Although the bar has been raised for 2012, students and faculty are committed to surpassing the goal once again.  There are many ways to contribute to United Way, but the easiest is to drop by the Payroll Office in the Administration Building and donate a couple of­­ dollars. It’s a quick way to help make a big impact in the community.

Donations can be made by cash or check. You can also donate via a payroll deduction if you are employed on campus. You can choose to send your donation directly to United Way or you can opt to send it to a Partner Agency such as the American Red Cross or the YMCA.

Why the United Way?

According to FEMA, Oklahoma is 3rd in the nation of states having the most disaster declarations, and is the only non-coastal state in the top five. In the last decade there have been thirty major disaster declarations in Oklahoma, which underscores the importance of donating to an organization like the United Way of Central Oklahoma.

Through their network, United Way helps fund a variety of programs. Children, seniors, the disabled and disaster victims are some of the many recipients. There are at least 250 community volunteers who spend 4,500 hours each year reviewing programs to ensure all donations are invested properly. All monies raised will only be used to help people in Central Oklahoma.

United Way of Central Oklahoma helps 420,000 people each year. The organization is based on the concept of community and its residents having a responsibility and a desire to care for their own.

United Way of Central Oklahoma was founded in 1924 and has impacted millions of lives through the decades. They have five focus areas, which are Financial Stability, Strong Families, Successful Kids, Community Involvement, and Disaster Preparedness.

For questions on the campus campaign, contact Tammy Martin at 405-733-7585 ext. 7585 or Lisa Price at ext. 6313.

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