Kick the habit, start a car

Dennis Gosnell

Assistant Editor

Respiratory Therapy students brief students on lung health. Photo by Kenneth Beachler

During the annual Stop Smoking event held Oct. 24, students received a packet containing information, such as a list of the chemicals used in the production of cigarettes that could help them quit smoking.

The 29 chemicals on the list are lethal if consumed by their selves; what these chemicals can do together is mind-boggling.

The packet also included tips to help people quit smoking, such as help to decrease stress while reducing the use of tobacco products or quitting the habit cold turkey.

Respiratory Therapy program students also provided free respiratory tests to students, faculty and staff to check the health of their lungs. Participants were asked to take a deep breath and blow it out all at once. This was to test how much air and strength the lungs used.

Other RT students parked a brand new truck just east of the Wellness Center to illustrate how it was possible to buy the truck if people didn’t purchase cigarettes for five yea

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