Burns’ visit scares up campus ghosts

Chelsea Ratterman

Editor in Chief

Paranormal investigator Patrick Burns, of Tru TV’s “Haunting Evidence,” hosted an on campus ghost hunt the night of Oct. 25.

Burns gave a presentation on the basics of ghost hunting, the different terms used for equipment and phenomena, and evidence he has found in his investigations. After the presentation, Burns and the approximately 60 attendees went on a campus ghost hunt, exploring the Student Center, Fine Arts, the Wellness and Aquatic Center and the H.B. Atkinson Theatre.

Patrick Burns and the crowd of ghost hunters hold an EVP session in Aquatic Center.
Photo By: Josi Weaver

The hunt comprised of multiple EVP, electronic voice phenomenon, sessions requiring absolute silence from the crowd, and accomplished them with ease, despite the large crowd.

After each session, the recordings were played back and based on the recordings something was with the crowd. The most active area was the Student Senate meeting room. Multiple EVP’s were picked up, including one that sounded like a name, which many believed to be Frank, and a request that the hunters “don’t go.”

Other whispers and numerous clicking sounds were picked up at the different locations; although the verdict on whether this was evidence of a ghost is still out. The crowd was enthralled, with numerous members pulling out their own phones to see if they could pick up evidence of their own.

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