Sports serve as a study stress reliever

Hunter Hancock

Volunteer Writer

Sports serve as a study stress reliever

Students played volleyball at their first meeting on Aug 30.
Photo by: Chelsea Ratterman

With the new school year now in full swing, everyone needs a break from studying, and playing sports is a great outlet from the books. The Recreational Sports Association, RSA, is a great opportunity to get involved on campus and get active and is a lively club that offers a stress-free environment.

Students gather each Thursday evening at 6 p.m. to join in different activities.

The past and future

RSA started back up on Aug. 30. A crowd gathered in the Rose State Wellness Center to play in a volleyball tournament. The second meeting on Sept. 6, a now growing membership of students joined outside in a few games of flag football.  Occasionally, there are multiple activities going on at once, so students can choose which sport they would like to play. For now, the RSA President, Billy Danna, is hoping to get outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Why it’s great

RSA is a come and go club. Join in one game of football or five games of basketball; whichever fits your schedule best. Talk of future activities include games of kickball, dodge ball and baseball.


“I really enjoy being a member of RSA. It’s probably one of the best clubs I’ve ever been in. Our president, Billy, really gets everyone involved,” Austin Davis, member of RSA, said

Since Rose State has a limited number of sports, RSA is a great opportunity to join in a fun, competitive environment. It gives students a chance to get out of the classroom, get involved and make new friends on campus.

“RSA is so much fun! It helps me get my mind off all of the schoolwork and allows me to have an opportunity to get active and hang out with friends. I love RSA!” Sierra Nollen said.

Anyone is welcome to play sports in RSA, but if watching sports is more fun for you, fans are welcome also.

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