NCF shares prayers and services

Amber Stafford

Assignment Editor

NCF shares prayers and services

There are many clubs on campus but only the Nurses Christian Fellowship has a skeleton for their mascot.

The RSC Nursing Program has nearly 180 students enrolled and new students to the program have orientation each semester.  The students are then given the opportunity to be a part of the campus Nurses Christian Fellowship chapter, under the leadership of faculty advisor, Debbie Craig.

Caption: Mascot greets visitors to the Health and Sciences Center
Photo by Amber Stafford

The chapter has about 135 students involved; since clinical rotations and rigorous schedules make it hard to meet; the group meets online through D2L network.  Each week Craig will post a verse or devotional material to encourage them. Students also can put prayer request online to share their needs.

“It let’s students know that faculty have a sense of compassion, to show them that God is visible in all things and they are not in this alone,” said Craig.

Some of the previous club members who did psychiatric unit rotation noticed   patients had a need for clothing, so they held a clothing drive, which was part of an outreach project. In 2009, 200 club members participated and handed out clothing.  The club members also partnered with local missions in collecting pennies to raise money for building houses.  The club has not set a date for outreach projects this year, but with new officers, new plans are being made.

The NCF is not only reaching Christians, but also ministering to others as well.

“I have open office visits and students know they can stop by and talk with me,” said Craig.

For more information, contact advisor Debbie Craig 733-6292.


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