How the presidential candidates weigh in


Chelsea Ratterman

Editor In Chief 

How the presidential candidates weigh in

Now that we have passed the convention stage, the candidates will be out in full force campaigning. The question most often asked is, how do they line up against each other? How they answer this question may be the deciding factor come November 6.

Graphic courtesy of MCT Campus.

National debt

On the deficit, President Obama was unable to keep his promise and this is where the Republicans have taken aim. When Obama took office, he pledged to cut the deficit in half, but could not because he found the economic downturn much worse than expected. He is looking to take a chunk out of the deficit by adding new taxes, mostly on the wealthy and trimming healthcare costs and tax breaks. Romney, on the other hand, says that he would cut non-discretionary spending by 5 percent, which includes many domestic programs, such as Medicare and social security

America’s Energy

On energy, the XL Pipeline was a big topic between the two parties. Romney would ensure rapid progress on the XL Pipeline and other pipelines that bring Canadian oil to the states, and would cut carbon dioxide out of the Clean Air Act. Obama faced criticism when initially blocking the Pipeline, but has since said his administration would review a revised proposal. He championed federal investment in clean energy research, and has imposed stricter mileage standards on cars and light trucks.

Our Nation’s Defense

On the defense front, Obama has looked to shrink the services to a leaner force, that is prepared for any type of threat, as well as cap spending that grew post-9/11, arguing that although growth will slow, the defense budget would grow because of our nations global responsibilities. Romney would reinstate cuts made during Obama’s term, with defense spending no less than 4 percent of the budget. He looks to institute more competition for contracts and create a shorter design and delivery cycle for weapons.

Foreign Threats

On topics of Iran and Afghanistan, Romney would leave troops on the ground until the situation has been assessed by military commanders and would keep military force as an option when dealing with Iran, saying that if elected, Iran will have no nuclear weapon capabilities and promotes working with insurgents to promote regime change. Obama promised to remove troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, which was begun after a successful mission killed Osama bin Laden, and has said the U.S. will begin the shift to a support role in the region. With Iran, he has said he would not hesitate to use force to stop the country from obtaining a nuclear weapon, although he has attempted to use economic and diplomatic sanctions on the country.

Get registered and know your candidates

The candidates will be picking up steam as Election Day grows closer, and more of their stances will become known. Each has made their point on issues, and some sites, such as Politifact, are dependable for offering the full truth of their opinions by fact checking them.

To vote in the general election, registration must be completed one month before the election date. Rose State will be hosting a registration drive Sept. 17-21 in association with the V.O.I.C.E./O.I.L. Club, and will mail it in at the end of the week. Another option is to go to a local tag agency and fill out a voter registration form there.

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