The 411 on Club Recharter and Charter

By: Narges Taghavi, Feature Editor 

 The 411 on Club Recharter and Charter 

The deadline for clubs on campus who wish to receive points for rechartering is quickly approaching. All clubs have until Oct. 12 to submit the club recharter form for their club to receive 50 points.

If the form is submitted by Friday, Sept. 28 however, the club will receive 100 points. These points go toward the clubs total, for a chance to win the Club of the Year Award. This award is for the club that earns the most points throughout the year. Conversely, students can recharter a club anytime during the semester, but they will not receive club points if they do so after Oct. 12.

An important detail that all groups on campus should remember is that no recharter means no club participation. “Before anything can be done with a club,” says Kirby Harzman, Coordinator of Student Activities “before any purchases can be made or events can be requested, we have to have a recharter in.”

The forms for recharter can be picked up at the student activities office or printed off the student activities page on the web site.

For students interested in starting a new club on campus, the application can found on the student activities page as well. The rules for chartering a club are fairly simple, “You need to write a constitution, find a faculty advisor, and have at last one student interested in being in the organization.” Harzman said.

Harzman also comments that the recharter and charter processes are moderately easy, and if a student needs any help, they are more than welcome to stop by the Student Actives Office at anytime. Student Activities can be reached at 733-7376 or by emailing Harzman at


Visit the RSC Student Activities Twitter page!

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