Club Trio

Jatalia Lopez-Thornton
Volunteer Writer

Club Trio 

To supplement the needs and further the progress of the community, students of the TRiO program created Club TRiO.

Club TRiO is a part of Student Support Services (SSS) which helps about 140 to 145 students yearly.

“My vision for the club is to be connected to the inner community and on campus, to grow as a club and as individuals, and to be successful as a club in our community and at Rose State College,” Robin Goodiron, V.P. of Club TRiO.

The club’s objectives are to encourage self-development, encourage a commitment to academics, and encourage a dedication to community involvement. The club also wishes to expand the goals and objectives of the TRiO Student Support Services program, to provide opportunities for students to gain leadership experience, and to offer assistance and referral service to TRiO (SSS) participants.

By creating these objectives the club hopes to enhance the personal success, well-being, and achievement of TRiO students.

The officers

Markus Barber, a psychology major and president of ClubTRiO, plans on going for his master at Oral Roberts University or UCO. Robin Goodiron, vice president and a radiology tech major, hopes to get into Bacone University for her Bachelors. James Lester, secretary and a cyber security major, is currently undecided about what school he wants to go to after RSC, but might attend OU. Lastly, Angelica Alipio, treasurer and a nursing science major, plans to attend OU after RSC.

The club was created to help students who are in the TRiO program. They offer support to those who need it as well as help raise money for the events of the TRiO program.

“To be a member one must be a part of Student Support Services TRiO program, have a 2.5 GPA, attend the meetings, and be willing to participate in TRiO events,” James Lester said

All of the club founders welcome all TRiO students to come and join.  For more information concerning the TRiO club or TRiO program contact Jessica Waller or Amber Mitchell at 733-7379, or add RSC Trio on Facebook.



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