Italy and Greece tours offer worldly sites

Dennis Gosnell

Assignment Editor

Italy and Greece tours offer worldly sites

: 30 people visited the U.K. and Paris in May 2012. Already the 2013 trip to Italy has 25 people signed up.

Every spring students get the chance to visit and tour another country. The Study Abroad Club has already started enrollment for the next two trips, to Italy in 2013 and Greece and Turkey in 2014.

It might be on some student’s minds that it would be too expensive to visit another country, with the nearly $3500 price tags. “Students can make payments, they don’t have to pay all at once,” Theresa Walther, professor of English said.

The all-inclusive packages are worth the price.

The trip to Italy is a 10-day tour of Italy set to depart on June 17, 2013, and will cover the cities of Venice, Florence, Assisi, Pompeii, Sorrento and Rome, as well as entrance to Vatican City, the home of the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th pope, who holds the titles of Sovereign of the Vatican City State and leader of the Catholic Church.

The visits to the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Ruins of Pompeii and other as are included in the ticket price. An extension is offered for the trip, which allows access to the catacombs of Rome. Covered in the price are round trip airfare, local transportation, lodgings, daily breakfast and five dinners and a full tie tour director.

For information pertaining to the grand tour of Italy trip, students can go to and access info using the Tour ID number 1153383. The enrollment process includes filling out the required basic information and emergency contact information, the budgeting page, where students can choose the amount they would like to pay over a certain amount of months or in a lump sum, as well as the options of excursions and extensions, at an additional cost.

The trip to Greece and Turkey may be the one for the fans of mythology. Departing May 17, 2014, the tour will visit Turkey and tour Istanbul. The tour will then proceed to the Ancient Troy Archaeological site, followed by a cruise to Santorini and on to Athens and Delphi. In Athens, visit the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, the Olympics site and in Delphi visit the Temple of the god Apollo and the Delphi site, which housed the most important oracle in the Greek world.

Students who are interested in the Greece and Turkey trip can go to and sign up using Tour ID Mussatto-498.  This number will give students information on how much it will cost to go on the trip, give an idea of how much a monthly payment might cost, and offer the links to follow to enroll for the trip. Covered in this fee are round trip airfare, lodging, breakfast and dinner daily, full time Tour Director and access to select attractions.

For more information students can contact Professor Walther for the Italy trip at 733-7513, and contact Professor Sherri Mussatto about the Greece and Turkey trip at 733-7503.

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