Beautification project brings art to campus

Amber Stafford

Assignment Editor

Beautification project brings art to campus

Have you seen the new mural in the west staircase of the Social Sciences building?

Dr. Bret wood and Professor Suzanne Thomas are featured alongside RSC students in the stairway mural.

During the summer, art students participated in a contest that would let them help paint a mural in the stairways around campus.  Students had to submit a proposal to a committee and a winner was determined from the entries.

The winner of the contest was Jeremy Cunanan.

“This achievement means so much to me. My mural design is now a permanent part of Rose State,” Cunanan said.

Dr. John Carl and Dr. Bret Wood did the concept for the mural as part of the beautification project.  They wanted a mural that represented RSC and the diversity of students and professors.

The big project was not done alone; students from the art department assisted with painting the mural two days a week over the summer.

Suzanne Thomas, professor of art, supervised the students as they painted in the Social Sciences building.

“My hope would be that every building would have murals on them,” Thomas said.

Keep looking for more murals to come from the art department. As Rose State keeps up its beautification efforts, this is just a start toward that future.

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