D2L Makes Changes

By: Narges Taghavi

Feature Editor

D2L Makes Changes

Most Rose State College Students know what D2L is but if they are new to the school, here is a brief description of it; according to the Rose State web site “Desire2Learn, abbreviated D2L, is a learning management system which allows participants to engage in online classroom and community activities through a web browser.” Students can get in touch with their teachers and classmates through the site as well.

This past spring there were some minor changes to the site. However now d2l has gone under some major transformations. When students first login at the top of screen users will see a “My Home”. When selected, students will be taken to their D2L home page. The envelope icon allows students to check messages, there is also an updates icon, and a discussion alerts icon.

Chris Meyer, dean of the Learning Resources Center said the following in an email; “The new system includes several enhancements to make the online learning experience more friendly and efficient for all users. For those used to the old system, the layout has changed and may take a few days to adjust. The overall layout is cleaner and provides more direct access to commonly used areas within the platform. The new mini-toolbar across the top of all D2L pages is one example where access has been consolidated for quicker access.

“Some of the most useful enhancements occur in the Notifications tool which allows users to receive email or text messages anytime an instructor posts a new announcement on the course home page, when a Dropbox assignment or quiz is due within two days, when a message is posted to a subscribed discussion topic, or when grades are released. Be sure to set up notifications at the beginning of the semester so you won’t miss any important announcements.

“We encourage all users to practice using D2L by exploring the online orientation in the Fall 2012  Student Community available on the D2L My Home page. Additionally, the online User Guide is available in the navigation bar at the top of all D2L pages for online assistance. Questions not answered by the online resources may be directed toward the Rose D2L Helpdesk by clicking the Help link in the navigation bar or by visiting helpdesk staff in the Learning Resources Center, Room 206.”

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