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Phi Theta Kappa

Advisors:  Caryl Gibbs  (733-7508) Suzanne Thomas (733-7515)

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society based on GPA. The Rose State Chapter’s name is Alpha Eta Alpha. To qualify, students must have completed 12 hours of coursework and achieved a 3.5 GPA.  The qualifying student will receive an invitation to join. Benefits of joining include access to potential scholarships and graduation regalia.

 Student Senate Participation

One of the best ways to get involved on campus and with the inner workings of campus activities, Student Senate elections are open to students each semester. To apply for fall semester candidacy, contact the Student Activities office. The deadline to apply is August 31 and elections will be on D2L September 5 and 6. Student Senators receive a 12- hour tuition waiver and a one-hour college credit for participation. This year’s executive officers are Elizabeth Larios (Pres.), Zach Lewallen (V.P.), Carson Stramski (Treasurer) and Austin Davis (Secretary). A spring election will fill the four executive positions for the 2013-2014 school year.

Wellness Center

Hours:  Monday – Friday (6 am – 8 pm)     Saturday (8 am – 4 pm)

Closed Sundays and Campus Holidays

The Wellness Center provides students and staff with free facility access. When on campus, students can utilize a variety of areas, from free weights to treadmills, from recreational activities such as basketball to volleyball, from an aquatic center with its indoor heated pool (open swim hours posted at aquatics desk) to its whirlpool and sauna. Additionally, a wellness assessment lab offers screenings for body fat and overall physical health. The Center also offers personal training classes that address the common goals of weight loss and body toning. For info, call 733-7350.

Student Clubs

A comprehensive list of clubs is available through student activities. Clubs are a great way to make connections with people of similar interests on campus. If you do not see a club for you, start your own! All it takes is three prospective members and an advisor. If you can’t find an advisor, Student Activities can help with that too. Once all that is done, the club needs to submit the documents for chartering to Student Activities. The documents must include a list of prospective members, advisor and membership requirements. For more information, contact Student Activities in Student Center Room 114 or 733-7376.

  • American Indian Association Advisor, Mechelle Aitson-Roessler @ 733-7308.
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry Contact John Wilkerson @ 473-4478.
  • Black Students Association Advisor, Monique Bruner @ 733-7316.
  • Cheerleading Club Contact Student Activities @ 733-7376
  • Chess Club Advisor, Steven Fowler @ 733-7595.
  • CLT Club (Clinical Laboratory Technology) Advisor, Evelyn Paxton @ 733-7577.
  • Club Trio Advisor, Amber Mitchell @ 733-7379
  • Cyber Security Club Advisor, Ken Dewey 733-7977.
  • Drama Club Advisor, Rick Nelson @ 736- 0364
  • Future Criminal Justice Professionals Club Advisor, Arnold Waggoner @ 736-0238.
  • Go Green Club Advisor, Dr. John Wood @ 733-7922.
  • Hispanic Students Association Advisor, Erica Alvarez @ 736-0271
  • Imagination in Motion. Advisor, Terrance Byers @ 733-7573.
  • Latter Day Saint Student Association Advisor, Brent Fisher @ 736-0265
  • Library Club Advisor, Brad Robison @ 733-7402.
  • Mass Communications Club Advisor, Skip Leckness @ 736-0272.
  • Mu Rho Alpha Club Advisor, Linda Whaley @ 733-7548.
  • Music Club Advisor, Emily Robinson @ 733-7427
  • NSBE (Nat’l Society of Black Engineers) Advisor, Dr. Wayne Jones @ 733-7316.
  • NTSO (Non-Traditional Students Organization) Advisor, Pam Reynolds @ 733-7418.
  • Nurses Christian Fellowship Advisor, Genia Wilson @ 736-0335.
  • Paralegal Association Advisor, Judy Shaw @ 733-7460.
  • Phi Theta Kappa Advisor Suzanne Thomas @ 733-7515 or Caryl Gibbs @ 733-7508.
  • Recreational Sports Assoc. Chris Leland @ 736-0304.
  • Republicans Club Advisor, Dean Fisher @ 736-0223
  • Sew Savvy Club Advisor, Pam Reynolds @ 733-7418
  • Sigma Alpha Mu (Science & Math) Advisor, Dr. Adjoa Richardson Ahedor @ 733-7551.
  • Spectrum Alliance Advisor, Elizabeth Boger @ 733-7521.
  • Student Nurses Association Advisor, Velmarie Swing @ 733-7352.
  • Student Senate Advisors Kirby Harzman or Emily Fisher @ 733-7376.
  • Study Abroad Club Advisor, Reginald Snoddy @ 733-7927.
  • TEACH Club (Tomorrow’s Educators Advancing Careers Here) Advisor, Linda Tucker @ 736-0219
  • VOICE/OIL Club Advisor, Dr. John Wood @ 733-7413.
  • Veterans Club Advisor, Dr. John Wood @ 733-7922.
  • Wellness Club Advisor, Liz Brown @733-7353
  • Wesley Student Fellowship Advisor Dianne Goodloe @ 733-7332.
  • Student Activities Kirby Harzman, 733-7376
  • Wellness Center Chris Leland 733-7350
  • Student Center Melissa Aguigui 733-7334
  • LRC Chris Meyer, 733-7913

Rose State Student Theatre Productions

The Rose State Theatre Department has released the 2012-2013 season. Auditions for all plays are open to all RSC students.

Agnes of God  (September 13 – 16) @ H.B. Atkinson Theatre

The Wizard of Oz  (November 2 – 4) @ Performing Arts Theatre

Barefoot in the Park (February 14 – 17) @ H.B. Atkinson Theatre

Short and Sweet: A Ten Minute Play Festival (April 18 – 21)

@ Performing Arts Theatre

All plays are open to the general public for a $5 admission. Admission is free for senior citizens, RSC students and staff.

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