August 20, 2012, when students return for the first day of classes, is the most exciting day of the year for the faculty and staff at Rose State College.  Teaching and learning is our primary focus; students are our primary concern.  The noise, the hubbub, the excitement permeate the campus.  Many of you may be confused about where to go and what to do.  If so, stop and ask any staff member—faculty, administrator, clerk, receptionist—and you will get assistance.  We pride ourselves on friendly service and good information.

As many already know, I am retiring at the end of this academic year; thus, I have my last chance to give advice to students.  The rules are simple: put classroom learning on your list each day as the first priority and mark it off at the end of each day as completed.  Last week I told the leadership students (who had to report a week early) that no one was more surprised than I when I succeeded in my first semester.  As a first member of my family to become a college student, I was not sure what to expect.  Many of you are in the same situation and have the same trepidation.  The secret I discovered for my success is that I did not get behind schedule in any class.  I attended every day, I took notes, I read the assignments, and I asked for clarification when in doubt.  Try the method; it works!

You have available excellent faculty, advisors, counselors, and administrators, who have your best interests at heart.  Your best efforts plus their best efforts add up to success.  Be responsible to the rules of the classroom; pay attention to college communications about financial aid; avail yourselves of the free tutoring in the Learning Resource Center and the Math Lab.  Take joy in learning.  Your years in higher education should be some of the best you will ever experience.

My best wishes for your success,

Terry Britton, President

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