What Does 15th Street News Do With Their Extra Papers?

The 15th Street News serves the Rose State campus with its weekly editions. 4,000 copies of the weekly edition used to be published, but with budget constraints, that order has been reduced to about 2,000 copies per week. There are still papers left over at the end of the week, and many more left over by the end of the semester, but what to do with them?

Sanctuaries use donated newspapers to keep animals, like this puppy, clean and healthy. Photo courtesy of Volunteers for Animal Welfare (vawokc.org)

We donate all leftover papers to shelters across the metro to help take care of wild and stray animals that have been injured or abandoned. The paper is important to the health of the animals, and is changed multiple times per day to keep the enclosures clean.

The Wildcare Foundation is one such group. They care for native wild animals, such as the group of baby raccoons that are residing at the sanctuary. Their den is made up of towels, paper and a den, with the paper being cleaned out twice a day to preserve the health of the animals. “I was on my hands and knees looking for paper in the recycle bin,” said one member of the staff at Wildcare Foundation, the paper also saves me from having to do more than 15 loads of laundry per day.”

Without paper, the enclosures are made up of towels, which must be changed at the same rate, and requires massive amounts of laundry to keep up with the demand.

The paper is also used in bird enclosures and for other animals, with paper being changed upwards of six times per day. These groups are in need of paper to keep the animals healthy. Donating to local shelters is important. Many clinics spay and neuter animals that arrive in their clinics, and donations that help them to perform these procedures at a budget friendly cost; aid to keep the stray and wild animal populations under control.

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