Survey Reports on campus concerns

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

Each month the RSC Faculty Senate meets to address concerns of those working on the campus. This year marked the first time they conducted a campus wide survey, the Leadership Assessment Survey, to gain perspective on problems or potential problems facing the campus.

The report on the approximately 94-page survey was passed on May 9 at the monthly meeting, with recommendations that the report also be sent to RSC regents, as well as being provided to President Britton and all Faculty Association members. They also discussed how to better the survey content for later uses, and how to conduct future surveys.

“I think that this will become a great instrument between the faculty and administration,” said Kathy Carey, president of the Faculty Association.

Some specifics that could impact students, based on the survey responses, mentioned within the report included:

–      The VPIT should review email storage concerns, classroom technology concerns and solicit concerns regarding the organization of the external website.

–      The VPSA should solicit concerns about how students are being advised and oriented to the college, as well as review availability concerns of the aquatic center and student retention.

–      The VPBA should review maintenance and housekeeping issues, food quality and services, parking lot concerns, safety concerns.

–      The President should review the HR relationship and communicate the budget priorities and process to faculty.

One other concern was D2L, the online platform professors use to get assignments and news to students. Professors are being nudged to use the program more, and they cite lack of technical support for their main concerns with the program, as well as insufficient funds for training on the platform.

This survey is scheduled to be conducted again in the fall, with minor tweaks to help the process along, but will, overall, remain the same to determine trends in satisfaction of the faculty. Final results will be posted by the end of the semester on the RSC Faculty Association page on


  1. Brittany says:

    I agree with many of these suggestions. However, higher ed. funding from the state is ever decreasing while the demands for improvements increases. RSC and all universities are stuck between a rock and a hard place financially.

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