Campus Beautification Plans

Earlier in the year Dr. Terry Britton, president RSC, announced his campaign to beautify the campus in the hopes of luring prospective students to enroll at Rose State.

In accordance with Dr. Britton’s wishes new improvements and installations have been made around the campus.

A new billboard has been placed on Hudiburg and I-40 in front of the Health Sciences building, which is also being remodeled, to give people an idea of the activities happening on the campus.

Students may have noticed the many landscape specialists working all over the campus to keep the lawns, flowers, and décor pristine. With spring comes the bright colors of morning that resemble the soft warm feel of happiness and peace when everything is new.

At the recent Faculty Senate meeting, one scheduled topic was on how faculty or student clubs could “adopt” a planter between buildings to plant and maintain as part of the beautification of the campus.

As far as what is next on the beautification list Dr. Britton said in an email, “[We] will know when we finish [the] Campus Master Plan. We do intend to add flowering bushes and other plants near the new installation on Hudiburg.”

Dr. Britton also said, “We will also be evaluating a new design for the campus entrance off 15th Street onto Johnson Boulevard to replace the current inoperable electronic sign. [We] don’t have a time estimate as it depends on budget allocations.”

Other areas of the school that are in need of upkeep are the tennis courts, parking areas where paint is fading, elevators, and some of the water fountains around the school that are either non-functional or difficult to operate.

“I will have Ardie Rodger, Director of Operations, evaluate. We try to keep them up and will check the backboards. We have no plans at this time for further beautification for the courts,” Dr. Britton said when asked about the tennis courts.

A welcoming environment is certainly essential to inviting and procuring new students. With each new addition, whether it is a building, program, or flower, the college’s chances at gaining new students increase.

What does the logo mean?

The Campus Logo, signified by the tower in the middle of the campus mall, shows the incoming and outgoing arrows. With each passing year students will graduate either from high school or college and go on to bigger and brighter things. The arrow may represent flying off into the future, and as it is symbolized in the RSC logo, a bi-directional arrow allows the viewer to see the future always, whether they are leaving or incoming they are always moving forward.

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