Risks of the Digital Age

D.J. Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Three days prior to the nation wide release of “The Avengers,” one theater had the misfortune of deleting their copy of the movie. Those in attendance for the pre-release of the film had to wait two hours for the theatre to re-download the movie.

Digital entertainment is the new fad for most Americans. Why buy a disc, when there’s the opportunity to stream the film?

Netflix has been one of the most explosively popular streaming sites in recent years. With hundreds of movies available to watch, and just as many television shows available, it is a wonder people are not glued to their televisions.

Sony Entertainment, Microsoft, and other companies that produce the modern game consoles allow their users to download, and stream entertainment in a similar fashion. Viewers can download movies permanently or just rent them for 24 hours.

When using these services it is important to read the fine print of their policies. Some companies only allow you to download the movie once, unless of course you’ve rented the video for 24 hours. Movies that are purchased permanently can only be downloaded once.

Many companies who sell DVD and Blu-Ray discs have gotten in the habit of letting purchasers obtain digital copies of the movies they have purchased. These videos use a streaming system called UltraViolet that uses cloud-based streaming to give viewers the ability to watch their favorite movies anywhere they can take a laptop that is cloud ready.

There are rumors that suggest some companies are thinking about moving away from releasing disc-based movies altogether. People would just buy the Digital Copy of the movie where they receive an access code that allows them to stream the movie.

With the recent deleted film at “The Avengers” pre-release, how easy would it be for people to accidently delete their favorite movies or lose their data due to computer issues?

It is said that to live life, one must risk their life. It is possible that the same can be said about being a consumer.

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