Pegasus Unveiling

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

The revealing of the 32nd annual Pegasus publication was held in the Communications Center on April 25. The competition and subsequent book showcases original poetry, writing and artwork of Rose State students, staff and faculty. Susan Dawson-O’Brien and Theresa-Ann Walther are the contacts for the program and submissions.

Those who wish to be featured in the book submit their original work and, if selected, their work is featured in the annual publication.

In the opening of the book there is a brief description of the myth of the Pegasus, and how the winged horse pertains to the event. According to myth, when the horse, a friend of the Muses, stuck his foot in the ground a fountain would spring forth. When he did this on Mt. Helicon, a spring, Hippocrene, opened up and spread artistic inspiration to all of humanity.

One of the most original entries in this years book was “The Whitman Project” which was a poem compiled by the American Lit to 1987 class and their professor, Caryl Gibbs. Each student was asked to write a single line of poetry that reflected their feelings on the class, and they were all put together as one poem and submitted. “Our project was really creative and, although it didn’t start out as a Pegasus intended poem, it came together really well,” said Mallory Unsell, a student who contributed to “The Whitman Project.” The winners for the James Axley Poetry Award “Cancer” by Robert Gray and Short Story Award “Paul’s Plan” by Zachary Elledge were featured as well. In all, 76 original works featured in this year’s book.

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