Interpretation of Poe’s final days earns five stars

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

A ranting raven does spirit the haunting chill of horror, as Edgar Allen Poe must find a serial killer that has ghosted away his beloved Emily.

The newly released “The Raven” has taken on the challenge of explaining the final days leading up to the end of Edgar Allen Poe’s life.

There is a perplexing mystery surrounding the final day of Edgar Allen Poe’s life. ; No one is exactly sure what happened, mainly due to Poe being in and out of consciousness and unable to communicate what happened to himself.

However, the cast of “The Raven” brought a modern style of movie making to a classic tale of murder and mayhem. ; It has the feel of an old detective story mixed with the realistic gore only modern filmmakers can create.

John Cusack played an excellent lamenting and enlivened Poe. ; His acting is realistic and provided viewers with a sense of Poe, if Poe was an egocentric drunkard maniac bent on only fulfilling his self-interest.

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