The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim changes how MMO’s are played

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

A month ago a game commercial flashed on the television.  Dragons and a man fought to the death, an empire of men and mythical being collided.  Astounded, I had to buy this game.

Tamriel, The land of Skyrim
The game is set in the land of Tamriel, also known as Skyrim.  The High King of Skyrim has been killed and civil war has engulfed the people for control of the throne.

There are 10 character races available for gamers to choose from.  Unlike most games, choosing a race to play can be quite nerve racking as each race has unique abilities and backgrounds that give the player bonus’s to their stats.  Each race also has its own ability.

Skill set game mechanics enables players to develop their character their way
As far as character classes, Skyrim offers players the ability to mix and match their skills so that they can create their own class.  However, the game still uses the same references to classes like warrior, thief, and wizard (or spellcaster).

Throughout the massive map of Skyrim there are stones that give an XP (experience) bonus to whichever skillset you wish to boost.  Generally only one stone can be activated.

Skyrim is difficult and challenging without being overly difficult.  It leaves the player with enough frustration to want to continue and try different tactics.  It most definitely makes the player think about how they would like to proceed rather than just button mashing.


Game is lengthy, there is so much to do that it can not be finished in a single sitting, may a month or more depending on how much the player wishes to do.

The ability to buy homes and stock them with personal items such as rare armor and weapons can let players feel like are living the experience.

When climbing one of the various mountains throughout Skyrim the majesty of the graphics combined with sultry tone of the music leaves a player feeling as if they are in some epic journey.

There are limited cut scenes in which the player has no options but to watch.


Loading screens can get annoying especially if a player fast travels to multiple places on the map.

Some of the glitches in Skyrim are to the player’s benefits while others are not.  There can be instances in the game when important storyline NPCs (non-playable characters) go missing, or old quest items do not revert to ordinary items after completing the quest so that they can be stored.

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