Rex Linn shares his experiences

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor
There are few times in life when people get to meet an actor or get taught valuable acting life lessons from movie and television stars.

For students of Rose State College meeting Rex Linn who plays Sergeant Frank Triad on CSI: Miami, and hearing his story helped to not only give inspiration to their life, but also helped to provide them with an idea of what it means to make it in show biz.

Linn arrived on the stage of the H.B. Atkinson Theatre to a standing ovation, which offset the fact that he came in wearing a broom around his neck like a guitar.

He began the two-hour talk by giving the audience an idea about his life before getting a role in the movie “Cliffhanger”.

Originally from Texas, Linn and his family moved to Oklahoma where he graduated high school, college and eventually became a banker. Not happy with this profession he decided to make the life changing decision to devote himself to a life of acting.

There were a few times when audience members teared up with laughter from some of the stories Linn told.

For instance, he told the crowd about driving a U-Haul from Oklahoma to California. He was listening to his favorite song, thinking he was speeding across I-40 West to Arizona, when in actuality he was only doing about 50 mph.

Linn told many amusing stories of his rise to become the actor he is today. His advice for aspiring actors is to remember that nothing happens overnight, and that they must learn perseverance. He told the audience that acting classes weren’t a bad idea either.

For Linn, the changing moment in his career came from being able to be part of the “Cliffhanger” cast. In fact, he wasn’t sure he was going to get the part at all. He had a couple of auditions for the role of Richard Travis; Linn told the audience that he was a last minute change up, as the casting for his part had already been decided.

He said that the casting director and Sylvester Stallone asked him where he was from, and for whatever reason it seemed that being from Texas and Oklahoma helped him get his role.

Telling this story helped the audience understand just how fickle a process it is for actors to get a job. One minute you can be waiting tables or working construction, and the next, working next to someone like Sylvester Stallone.

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