Identity thieves target personal health information

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief In the latest installment of the Great Issues Lecture Series, Linda Whaley, director, Health Information Technology Program, addressed students, faculty and staff regarding personal health information. One thing Whaley considers both good and bad is the constant policy revisions that take place within the health care industry. “The changes sometimes make […]

Showers soak Spring Fest

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief Spring is officially here! Spring into Campus and Spring Fest took place April 11 and 12. Dante and the Hawks were the featured bands, and voting for Student Senate Executive Positions took place online. The rainy weather that fell April 11 forced Spring Fest activities into the Student Center. As a […]

A breeze stirs RSC

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor The Faculty Senate and Faculty Association have set a new tradition in motion this spring with the first ever Leadership Assessment Survey. The Leadership Assessment Survey is impersonal and confidential, which allows the faculty to express any concerns they have about how the campus administrators are performing in their jobs. “What’s […]

2012 brings Friday the 13th triple threat

Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief When comes to generating fear and apprehension, few dates can compare to Friday the 13th. 2012 is a particularly bad year for those who have paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th. This year has three Friday the 13ths, occurring in January, April and July, respectively. What makes 2012 so unique, is […]

Here’s your horoscopes!

Aquarius: Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 Your ability to do cartwheels in cramped office spaces is trumped only by your ability to violently smash into things. Unfortunately, your demonstration of both these “skills” during an interview last week might have cost you your dream job. Pisces: Feb. 19 – March 2 If you find yourself […]

“Titans” can’t brave the “Games” wrath

With its predecessor, the 2010 “Clash of the Titans” topping $160 million from its U.S. box office, “Wrath of the Titans” is looking to capitalize on the still popular Greek myth genre. The film follows the widowed Perseus, the demi-god son of Zeus as he raises his son in a world where the gods rule […]

Tasty Snow opens season with new site

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Midwest City’s resident snow cone icon, Tasty Snow, opened the doors to its flagship stand at Kiwanis Park, March 30. The opening marked the company’s 13th year in business and the unofficial start to the spring and summer season for Midwest City citizens. This year’s opening highlighted a brand new stand […]

March of Dimes inmates bail from jail

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor The Health and Wellness Center served as the detention center for the March of Dimes Jail and Bail, on Wednesday, March 23. Dr. Bret Wood, Dr. Wayne Jones Edmund Gert & Mr. Chris Meyer all agreed to be the inmate representatives for their departments, and had to raise $100 each for […]

Box office odds favor Hunger Games

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor The newest movie adaptation of a young adult book was released over spring break. “The Hunger Games” opened to an amazing $19.7 million in midnight shows alone, and went on to win the weekend box office with a whopping $152.5 million domestically making it the third highest opening ever (trailing “Harry […]

Fallin snubs presidential visit

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor Over spring break, Oklahoma had a very high profile visitor. President Barack Obama came to the state to address the Keystone XL Pipeline extension. The Pipeline would go through Cushing on its way from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The pipeline has been a topic of contention for Congress and […]