Spring brings b”boo-coo” banquets

Chelsea Ratterman,  Assistant Editor

Banquet season is here it seems. The Mass Communications Banquet and the Student Life banquet were both recently held, with the latter announcing the annual “Club of the Year” award, this year going to the Hispanic Student Association.

The Student Life banquet, held Monday, April 23 in the Main Dining Room, recognizes the clubs and organizations on campus, as well as the leadership scholarship recipients for their work for the college. “The Faculty and Regents are proud of you,” Dr. Terry Britton said,  “ You are able to excel in the classroom, and able to excel past the classroom as well.”

Outgoing Senate Executives announced the newly elected Senate Executives by their respective positions later in the ceremony. Jaeton Cary, the current Student Senate President, led the Senate recognitions, as well as receiving awards for the V.P. of Student Affairs Leadership Award and the Outstanding Student Senator award. The baseball and softball MVPs were revealed toward the end of the banquet. Coach Coty Cooper awarded the sophomore players with the award as a group, and Coach Nickie Williams gave the softball MVP to Randi Yousey. The event concluded with the announcement of the Club of the Year.

The Mass Communications banquet was held Friday, April 20 in the Training Center.  The theme was backpack journalism, the style of journalism where the reporter does it all: pictures, writing, video and the like. Displays were set up to showcase the Bob Wyatt entries, and the 32 recipients of the award were announced, with Rachel House’s “Red Dirt” taking first in the Advanced Category and Stephanie Wheeler’s “And On” taking first in the Beginner Category.

The Mass Communication Scholarship went to Abigail Forrest, a broadcast major. Other awards presented included Shaquile Burden received “Most Potential in Journalism,” and Keegan Meenagh received “Most Promise in Broadcast”. The graduates from the Mass Communication program were recognized, and Tori Beechum was awarded the “Top Journalism Graduate Award.” Also recognized was the staff of the 15th Street News and the awards they have won this year, from the Society of Professional Journalists, Oklahoma Press Services and the Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association.

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