March of Dimes inmates bail from jail

Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor
The Health and Wellness Center served as the detention center for the March of Dimes Jail and Bail, on Wednesday, March 23. Dr. Bret Wood, Dr. Wayne Jones Edmund Gert & Mr. Chris Meyer all agreed to be the inmate representatives for their departments, and had to raise $100 each for bail money.
March of Dimes originally started as an organization to fight polio. After becoming one of the only organizations to meet their goal of nearly eradicating the disease, they turned to babies as their new cause. Their goal is to reduce birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality rates through research and education.
Division Director Kelli Null, from the Oklahoma Chapter, was on hand to oversee the event. She set up a table of information for those interested in March of Dimes and their cause.
“March of Dimes is here to help moms have healthier babies and pregnancies,” said Null,” I became involved through a friend who had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. The baby was born 7 weeks early with an underveloped lung. He is healthy now, but suffers from asthma as a result.”
This case, like many others, drives the March of Dimes in its cause. Their advocay has led to the passage of many acts within Congress, such as the PREEMIE Act, which brought together experts to speed the development of prevention strategies for premature labor and delivery.
Rose State joined forces with this organization by imprisoning some of their department heads in the Wellness Center Jail, which was set up on the east side of the basketball court, along with the March of Dimes table. Dr. Bret Wood and Edmund Gert achieved their bail amount before the kickoff of the event, which left Dr. Wayne Jones and Chris Meyer to serve time until they were bonded out. The department that raised the most bail money retained bragging rights for a year. The overall total of the event came to $647.52.
The Oklahoma City 2 mile March will be 9:00 a.m. May 5 at the State Fairgrounds.

Photo by Chelsea Ratterman
Chris Meyer serves his time for the March of Dimes: Jail and Bail.

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