Netiquette gives email boundaries

By:Chelsea Ratterman, Assistant Editor

Etiquette is hardly a foreign word in society. While many think it has gone to the wayside, it is still very much present, only transformed to fit the times. Since the 1960s, manners have become more relaxed, and are based on treating everyone with kindness and respect. Eating with elbows on the table still warrants a warning from mom, and wearing white after Labor Day is still a ghastly idea.  There is etiquette for online, as well. Small rules determine whether or not you get a response, and make things more efficient. Some rules for online etiquette are

  • Always put something in the subject line, if you want the message read and responded to in a timely manner.
  • DON’T SEND A MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS. This is just as bad as yelling at someone in person.
  • Don’t send one-word responses.
  • Watch your words. Be succinct to avoid time consuming explanations later.
  • There is no such thing as privacy online. Don’t send a message with sensitive information in it.

Thank you notes are case dependent. If one receives a large gift, a handwritten note is required. For small gifts or favors, thank you notes can be sent online.

Manners are the epitome of a respectful society, and have been since the French courts invented etiquette to make courts run more smoothly. They will never completely die out, but will always adapt with the times, and new forms of it will be introduced as new forms of contact are invented.

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