Oklahoma uses the Internet to create a hiring frenzy

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

In a time when people are looking for employment and job security, the state is opening an avenue to bring employers and job seekers together at the state level.

This year Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce launched an agenda entitled “A More Prosperous Oklahoma.” From this agenda initiative comes the launching of OKJobMatch.com.

OKJobMatch.com gives job seekers the ability to create a profile, resume, and look at job openings available throughout Oklahoma.

The 2012 Agenda press release states, “The Commerce Department is working to make OKJobMatch.com part of a larger portal where information and access to these workforce services can be provided in an efficient and effective way.”

For Oklahomans, this means employers are seeking professional help in recruiting new employees.

Creating an account is easy; enter in the basic email information, personal information such as name, address, phone number, social security number (optional), and hit ok. After which the screen asks the user to create a resume. Simply fill in the blank and it does the rest, even going so far as to fill in the job description portion of resume.

Filling out the education and skills page asks user for their schools and certificates information and for a list of languages and skills (if any) that they have learned.

Once this is complete there is page with the option to write a career summary to include places of graduation, certificates, skills, languages. There is an automated box that supplies the information that the user has entered throughout the process, giving the user the ability to keep it simple and to the point without superfluous or non-relevant information.

The next page allows the user to select whether or not they wish to add additional information such as specific job qualifications, and skills, after which the user inputs their preferences for salary, location, and work hours throughout the week.

Upon completion, the user can view their resume in full, as it will be presented to employers.

When the resume is finished and polished, users can begin their job search by clicking the View Jobs button below their resume, giving users the chance to see which employers are looking for qualifications that have been listed in the resume.

So for people in need of employment visit the site to determine see what’s available. For more information call Career Services Coordinator, Connie Myrick, at 405-733-7488 or send an email to cmyrick@rose.edu.

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