Service Learning gives life experience to students

By: Logan Pierce, editor-in-chief

Service-Learning offers students the opportunity to put what they’re learning in the classroom to practical use in the community.

What sets Service-Learning apart from volunteerism is ensuring the service experience directly relates to the curriculum and objectives of a certain course.

Aside from the benefits that come from serving others freely, there are many reasons to consider Service-Learning.

  • It provides a hands-on approach to learning as opposed to learning through books and lectures alone.
  • It creates a closer bond with faculty, the community and peers.
  • It increases leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • It enhances student activities transcripts and resumes and provides a valuable addition to job and scholarship applications.
  • It leads to personal growth, a greater sense of self-knowledge, and the satisfaction of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Cindy Brown, Service-Learning coordinator, has worked on the campus Service-Learning Fair for the last three years. Brown said that prospective employers look to hire those who serve in the community. “Service-Learning is good for resumes and job applications, “Brown said, “It looks good to see that [they] are civically involved.”

There are several avenues available for students interested in pursuing Service-Learning.

  • Ask professors if any of their courses offer Service-Learning components.
  • Go to the Service-Learning website   to get more information and to download the necessary forms.
  • Contact Cindy Brown, with any questions or concerns.

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