Excellence does not go unnoticed

The Classified Staff Association (CSA) works toward providing students and staff with ways in which to further their education and dealings with the school administrators.

Stephanie Rosillo and Ryan James Mitchell received the CSA Achievement Award on Feb. 2.

Along with the achievement award the duo each received a scholarship of $303.  This scholarship comes from the Rose State Foundation.

The foundation sends the CSA a list of students who have applied or been nominated for the award.  This year the foundations list consisted of 52 applicants.

To narrow down the applicants, CSA members are asked to volunteer for a committee to select individuals they believe should receive the Achievement Award.  The Rose State CSA has 188 members, of which six get to participate in the selection process.

The Purpose of the Classified Staff Association (CSA) shall be:
a) To cultivate a professional relationship between the classified staff and the college.
b) To provide opportunity for improvement of qualification of the members for the mutual benefit of the individual members and the institution.
c) To promote the welfare of classified staff members through suggestions to the college administration for improvements in working conditions and/or benefits.
d) To promote fellowship among staff members through enhanced social contact and service opportunities.

After the selection process starts, the six committee members each receive nine applicant files.  The committee for this year’s scholarship included Cindy Freeman, Cathy Ogle, Stephanie Spencer, Liliana Renteria, Crystal Myers, and Jerry Pursell.

The committee looks at a student’s GPA, their work ethic, and possible financial needs. Each of the six committee members choose a single student to present to the rest of the committee; giving their reasons for why they would like to choose that student for the award.

After everyone presents their picks, the committee votes on who receives the scholarships.

“Ryan’s extraordinary GPA jumped out at us not only because he’s an excellent student but also because he works multiple jobs,” Jerry Pursell, president CSA, said.

Next year, the CSA may be able to give more scholarships to students by donating $500 to the First National Bank Charity Golf Classic.  By giving $500, the foundation would receive an additional $1500 worth of scholarship money.  This could go toward giving five additional students help with their educational goals.

“This is a one time event however, as it may not be something we would want to do in the future,” Pursell said.

Scholarships are often the crutch that helps students get from point A to point B in their lives.  What the Rose State Foundation, and the CSA does is a worthwhile note in the fabric of what RSC represents for the community.

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