Light and dark side of Star Wars the Old Republic

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

It’s time to break out the old lightsaber and join the fight to enslave or save the universe.

Birth of a new style of MMO

On Dec. 20, Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) was released to fanatic Star Wars fans worldwide.  Many, including myself, pre-ordered the game to get early access to the game.

During this time period gamers and Star Wars fans got their first taste of the game.

Was the wait worth it though?  More than one million gamers flooded the SWTOR servers in the first two weeks to play in the iconic Star Wars universe.

The graphics and worlds of the game are simple, elegant, and give life to many of the stories within Star Wars.  A gamer can customize their character to a certain degree, choosing a multitude of different facial features, tattoos, body types, and many physical aspects of how a character looks.

Voice acting changes character and guest giver/companion interaction

The storylines of SWTOR make the game unique in that each character class has its own storyline that advances with a character’s level.  This is an epic move for Bioware; no other MMO to date has used voiceover questing to such a degree.  It gives a gamer the feel of watching a movie and increases the entertainment value of the game.

The drawbacks of the game are the seeming single dimension of the character classes. There is no real diversity between the eight classes.

This is not to say that the classes are not fun to play; each class is very engaging and the further a character develops per level, the more difference there is.  However, the majority of the powers are similar to those of their counterparts.

While playing it’s possible to see that Bioware put so much work into the storyline, and voiceover production that class diversity was less developed than it could have been.

Other games allow you pets SWTOR gives you companions

The companion system of SWTOR is an excellent addition to the game mechanics.  It allows people who like to play solo a chance to finish more difficult quests without having to spend time looking for groups.  This is perhaps the most ingenious part of the game because it adds to the story and game play experience.

This game is excellent and worthwhile to play as it has hundreds of hours of game play that never really gets boring.

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