Feud in U.S. Capitol continues over Keystone Pipeline

Dennis Gosnell, Assignment Editor

Oil drips silently in the Capitol while the President and Congress debate over Keystone XL Pipeline.

Contentious politicians at it again 

The leaders of the country are once again butting heads.  This time though it’s over the future of America’s foreign oil dependency.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is to be America’s hope for oil independence; at least that’s how Republicans would like to portray the topic.

Would the pipeline really create more long term employment

Yes, the pipeline would create more jobs, help America develop its own oil industry, and boost the economy of the nation.  Yet President Obama is not willing to sign off on the project just yet.

With America consuming millions of barrels of oil a day, it is perhaps vital that new sources of oil and energy

source:Trans Canada Corp National Resources defence Council, MCT Campus

be found to both meet and sustain future needs.
So what is the problem with building a new pipeline?  Politics.  Both the President and Congress have their own initiatives in mind for what to do with the pipeline.  Republicans in the congressional halls are flapping their jaws about how this project will create more jobs, while the President is worried about his tax cut initiative being added to legislation to allow those who receive jobs and those who give jobs to receive some form of reward.

However, in the meantime who is all this debating really helping? It’s certainly not for the taxpayers who give their trust and money so that these projects can be established.  For the betterment of the nation, people across the nation need to pull together and stop the infighting in the congressional halls.

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